SPB Wallet

SPB Wallet 2.1.2

Protect your sensitive data from prying eyes


  • User-friendly interface
  • Strong security with 256-bit AES encryption;
  • Sync with multiple mobile devices, including iPhone/Windows Mobile/Symbian S60
  • Sync with file share and Google mailbox


  • Not possible to manually edit card templates

Very good

The developers at SPB Software have been designing applications for mobile and Windows platforms for quite some time now.

But they've finally decided to allow Mac users to try some of them, starting with file encryption utility SPB Wallet for Mac. SPB Wallet is designed to protect sensitive and confidential information that you need to keep secret but at the same time, access anytime. This means not only on your Mac, but it also allows you to synchronize and access data on your iPod Touch and iPhone.

When you start SPB Wallet for the first time, you are asked whether you want to create a new wallet or open an existing one. Whichever you choose, you have to specify the location of the wallet file. Note that the default and recommended folder for your wallet is 'Documents/SPB Wallet'. If you're creating a new wallet, you then have to specify a new password and SPB Wallet even provides you with a special keypad to prevent the risk of key-logging tools detecting your keystrokes. Finally, specify a password hint to help you remember the password if you forget it. Note that the hint is stored as an unsecured file in the wallet, so make sure it isn't something that anyone can guess.

You're pretty much done by this stage but if you want to sync the wallet with your iPhone, no problem. Just enter the preferences and select the Synchronization tab to set it up. The overall presentation throughout SPB Wallet is superb. You can choose from a selection of card templates so that your credit cards appear as real cards on the screen. The number of templates is a bit limited, however, and it would be nice to be able to edit them manually too. To enter the wallet, you also have to unlock a giant safe which makes using the app a little fun at the same time.

SPB Wallet not only secures your important files and documents, but it makes accessing them a pleasure too.

SPB Wallet


SPB Wallet 2.1.2

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